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Making Good Choices to Stay Safe

Good Morning Regular Joes and Janes;

This morning I would like to take a few minutes to talk about choices we make every day that can affect our safety. In the past couple of weeks we have had two high-profile mass shootings and a total of four over the past six months. While the mainstream media has made the focus about gun control, little has really been said about specific things that the average person can do to lower the personal risk.

First what is the risk of being involved in a mass shooting event? According to FBI statistics you are far more likely to be struck by lighting than to be shot by a mass murder. So, don’t put a lot more of your time into this topic than you do to protect yourself from lightning strikes. Also mass murders peaked in 1929 with occasional peaks in the 60’s and 90’s. During the decade of the 2000’s mass murders in America actually declined.

All of the above being said there are specific things you can do to protect yourself.

1. If you are able obtain, train and carry a concealed weapon. This should include having a concealed carry permit.

2. Most mass shooters chose places that are “gun free zones”. No matter how deranged they are they seem to have ability to choose victims and places that they are most likely to find defenseless victims. Many times you have to go into these gun free zones, but when you have the choice; avoid them.
a. You have to go to court houses, schools and other public buildings, but when possible do your business on-line.

3. Voice your opinion to politicians, store owners, friends and neighbors.
a. Work with local and state politicians to eliminate gun free zones. Both Texas and Michigan have recently passed legislation allowing teachers and others to carry firearms in schools
b. Understand that every businessman is free to make rules regarding his property. If he doesn’t want you or others to carry a gun on his property, he has that right. BUT; you have the opportunity to tell him that you will not be doing business with him. (Be polite, you might change his mind.)
c. Urge business owners that do support the 2nd Amendment to post signs. Encourage friends to shop with these business owners.

Types of business' to avoid.  This was posted at the Aurora Theater

Types of business’ to avoid. This was posted at the Aurora Theater

FACT: Did you know that the Aurora Colorado shooter, James Holmes, had 7 theaters within 25 minutes that he could have chosen? All were showing the He did not chose the closest theater; he chose the only theater of the 7 that had signs posted prohibiting patrons from carrying concealed weapons. Around 250 people filled the theater that night. 4% of Colorado residents have a concealed carry permit which means 6 to 10 of those people could have had a weapon on them if they chose to ignore the law. People who chose to support the other theaters probably were carrying and most likely James Holmes chose accordingly.

I am known, both at church and by others in the community to carry a firearm at all times. This Sunday morning, after church a father with young kids came up to me and thanked me for having a gun. He said it gave him peace of mind after the events of Friday. That is a first!

Regular Joe

More Divided Than Any Time Since 1860’s

Possible options on OBAMA CARE now:

If you are a Conservative, Constitution loving, freedom loving patriot this is the path I see moving forward;
1. House vote in July to repeal (call your representative)

2. Enough conservative patriots voted into the Senate in November to vote to repeal (Vote in November and educate others)

3. A conservative president is elected, (or at least Romney who promises to move to repeal it.)  (Vote in November and educate others)

4. If it stands, refuse to pay the taxes and fines and go to jail (Let your conscience be your guide)

5. Move to a state that refuses to enforce the law (Texas, Louisiana, ……..)

6. Civil War if the Federal Government continues Standard Operating Procedures (Pray that God will intervene)

7. Above all else be in prayer for our nation as it is more divided than at anytime since the 1860’s (When we fought the Civil War)

Regular Joe

Zombies, Healthcare and Other Crazy News This Week

Good Saturday Morning!

Well, the coroner’s report is in this week on the man, individual, errr…zombie who ate the face off of another man in Florida at the end of last month.  The only drug in his system was …….marijuana.   If you will recall my post from May 27; Zombie Attack in Florida, much speculation was made concerning the probability that the person was on “bath salts”, a drug which causes the body temperature to spike and psychotic behaviors.  Now that we know it was not bath salts we are left with several pressing questions;

  1. Will marijuana cause this behavior?
  2. Is this individual really a zombie after all?
  3. Where is this zombie now?
  4. How many more zombies has he created?
  5. Why is his victim still in the hospital after all this time?
  6. Is his victim being treated for injuries or being quarantined to try to stop the spread of the zombie virus?

And probably the most pressing question today;

  1. How is the government able to hide this vast conspiracy against the American people?

I am sure there are logical explanations for all of the above questions; But in the crazy-world-turned-upside-down that we live in this week, why look for logical answers?  It is Saturday, I need a short break in all the news before I head out the door to work and I thought I would add my thoughts to some of these stories. Read the rest of this entry

Regular Jane for June 25th

Good Morning Joes and Janes;

After working almost all of  the weekend the days are starting to blur a little, but I did realize that it was time to post one of “Regular Jane’s” stories.  This one may give you second thoughts if you have been thinking about raising goats as a way of preparing.  The neighbors have one that I pass by every morning and I must admit the thought has entered my mind once or twice.  Now…..well, I will spend some more time thinking.   If you live in a town or city where having a goat is out of the question, it is still a good read.

Watching a goats butt

So here I kneel on the couch, pressing my face to the window while watching a goat’s butt. It has been an hour and eighteen minutes since i first noticed tiny hooves peeking out of her rear end We have only had one other baby goat born here, and we lost it. A beautiful rust and black male that died because we didn’t know enough. We had been told by friends who have goats that labor can take up to two days and DON’T TOUCH. We weren’t told to watch the time after the water breaks.

Man ‘o man did I read everything I could get my hands on after that heartbreak! So as Buttercup has neared her time I’ve felt more confident. Until today – at one hour and twenty-three minutes after I noticed those hooves. She’s hunching again! Push, girl! Push! …… Nope. All the websites say don’t wait more than half an hour after the water breaks before you help. Our goat farming friend with experience says 1-2 hours is ok. Me, I’m wondering how long I can hold my breath … How long can that baby hold it’s breath? My cousins daughter (a 4H marvel) texted her best friend who lives on a goat farm. The teenager’s Dad also says 1-2 hours. Buttercup has laid down again.

Read the rest here>

Regular Jane’s Wake Up Wednesday

Good Tuesday Morning Joes and Janes

This may confuse you; normally on Mondays I post one of “Regular Janes” posts from the blog Prepping2prep, however I missed it yesterday, so I am posting it on Tuesday and  the title of it is part of her series called Wake Up Wednesday.  Each week on Wednesday she writes an article on some aspect of preparedness that you can try to see how prepared you really are.  This post covers your refrigerator.  I encourage you to try it out.

Regular Joe

Wake up Wednesday : The Fridge

Situation: Power Outage, dealing with cold foods

How much can you save if the power goes out?

The Fridge

What are your plans for all that food in the refrigerator in the case of a power outage? Or if your fridge stops working – which is usually about 4 days after the warranty wears out. Many people believe they can just put everything in a cooler – so how big IS your cooler?
This week we’re going to see how realistic our plans are for salvaging the food in the refrigerator.
Pull out your cooler and start loading it up. Do you have room for ice? What are your priorities? What really needs to be kept cool? What can you realistically eat before it goes bad?
Something to consider is having two coolers. One for your more critically cooled items like milk and mayonnaise, and one for items like brick cheese and ketchup. Another thing to consider is that the longer a cooler stays closed the better it retains it’s cooler temperature. With this in mind, it may be best to divide your items according to what will be needed often vs. items which are rarely needed.
This is a deceptively simple challenge. The whole point is to physically check your resources for weaknesses. Besides, this may be a good opportunity to clean out the back of the fridge! Good luck

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