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Pebbles In the Pond

Hello Joes and Janes;

Drops in a pond

Drops in a pond

Each of us affects the world, (pond) we live in. Sometimes events reach far and wide as with the shooter in Newtown last Friday. Creating huge waves, while others create small ripples with a quite hug of a small child. I would submit that our view of the pond is often altered by what the mainstream media chooses to show us and what they choose to keep out of the picture.

My encouragement to you is to make the jump into the pond each and every day. Whether through making a new friend, mentoring someone younger than you or sharing Jesus with someone… you can make ripples that reach out across the pond. Often we will never know what that small effort does to affect the life of the one who receives your gift. I think back over the years of people who affected my life in great ways through small efforts that they probably don’t realize.

Make the effort to make a splash today!

Regular Joe

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