Prayer Requests

This is a place for you guys to place prayer requests, look for things to pray for and in general share burdens you have.  Keep in mind that this is an open page.  If you have very personal requests please feel free to contact me directly by email.

  1. I would like to ask for prayer regarding this blog. I hope that it will be a ministry to guys all over to encourage, share burdens and walk closer to the Lord.

  2. Cameron Speer. My neighbors baby has cancer.

    • Hi Lenore;
      Ardee and I will be in prayer for your neighbors baby. I know it is so hard when little children go through really tough things. Keep us updated on the babies health.

  3. We have a niece moving in with us today for an indefinite period of time, probably at least several months. Pray that we can be a positive influence in her life and model Christ before her to help her grow in the Lord. (We have been empty nesters for over 15 years so this will be quite a change in our lives as well.)

  4. i’m always confused and sick..

  5. Wow! That is a burden! I will be in prayer for you. Being able to share your burdens with others is critical. Not that others can do miracles but we can be in prayer and share each others burdens. A friend at church who we have known for 20 years was struggling with clinical depression and on medication all of that time. No one in the church family was aware of this problem until a few weeks ago when he ended up in the hospital. He was afraid of what everyone would think of him, which I can understand. But he also missed out on 20 years of sharing and prayer and support. I pray that Jesus Christ can clear your confusion and heal your body. Don’t be afraid to share your burdens and stay in contact.

  6. thank you so much…they took my medical away and i lost my ssi hearing again..its been five years of appeal..i don’t know if i should give up or keep going..its hard all the bad thoughts i have and doubt..

  7. I was not sure how to respond to your post this morning. As a man I find it easy to fall into that “I can fix that” mode. Usually men want to fix things and move to the next item. That is far easier with plumbing or carpentry, (maybe why I enjoy them) than with human feelings, emotions and problems. I don’t have an easy answer, or really any answer, but while reading the Bible this morning came across this verse. Perhaps it will bless and strengthen you in your time of trouble. I am sure that long ongoing trials are hard to bear.

    James 1:12 NIV
    Blessed is the man (woman)who perseveres under trial, because when he (she) has stood the test, he (she) will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.

  8. thank you for responding..God bless you…

  9. Hi Vernon,

    My husband injured his knee at work in late December 2011. It was a new job, and the injury came as part of a series of awful things for us. Praise God, He’s moved us through those, and my husband is doing much better after surgery. The doctor had to remove a 2cm chunk of cartilage from behind his knee, lift his kneecap (sorry for the squeamish readers!) and replace bone and cartilage from a non-weightbearing part of his knee. It was a major surgery! Fortunately, he has workman’s comp and he loves the job he was doing, so he’d like to get back to it as soon as he’s able. Unfortunately, the doctor hasn’t released him yet. It’s been nine weeks since surgery and we have another three or four to go before his next appointment. Will you please pray that God moves the company to keep him working full time when he’s released (it’s a construction company that doesn’t always have enough work for all employees) and even to begin teaching him the trade he’s interested in learning? Also, will you pray for me to continue working in the direction the Holy Spirit moves me in with boldness for His name? I’m a ‘fraidy cat, you know. Thamks so much for your faithfulness to the Lord and for your blog. It’s a pleasure and an encouragement to read each one.

    In Him, Shelley Ring

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