This page is all about food or sustenance from a preparedness viewpoint.  None of us can last for more than a few days without water or a few weeks without food. 

FEMA, (Federal Emergency Management Agency) recommends a minimum supply of food, and other resources) to last on your own for 72 hours.  Past disasters in this country, i.e. hurricane Katrina, have shown that it may take a week or more for help to arrive in a large scale disaster.  People who rely on the government, whether local, state or federal, are at great risk to health, life and liberty issues. 

I believe that it is important to be as prepared for emergencies as possible.  A relatively small investment in time, planning and dollars can give you and your family an insurance policy against emergencies whether they be loosing your job or natural or man-made disasters


How’s Your Pantry?

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