1. Regular Joe,
    What does the ground in the five G’s mean?

  2. Hi again Demetrica;

    So anyway, my wife is off to a women’s Bible Study and I have time to reply. The 5 g’s is a term related to preparedness. Just a way that helps people remember important areas of being prepared. I also thought it would be a good way to classify posts. Specifically the page Ground is the area of home defense, owning or renting property, how to secure the place you live. I am working on a web site right now but it is still probably a month away from launch. (I have never built a web site and it is quite a challenge!) For more information on preparedness in general you might want to go to my post; Don’t Get Overwhelmed/Be Prepared. I appreciate your question. It made me realize that I really haven’t put a very good explanation of the page.

    Your Brother in Christ

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