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Todd Stiefel: Atheist

Good Sunday Morning Joes and Janes;

I ran across a good article on The by Billy Hallowell.  It is entitled Atheist Movements George Soros Says Bible has ‘Moral, Factual Flaws….  I encourage you to visit The Blazeand read the whole article.

Todd Stiefel (Image Credit:

Todd Stiefel (Image Credit:

I would like to address one aspect of the article that I think effects Christians on an almost daily basis.  First let me make it clear that this is not a search and destroy mission on Mr Stiefel.  God loves and desires a close relationship with Todd Stiefel.  Christians that come in contact with him should be sharing God’s love with him not making personal attacks on him.  Todd looks like a happy well adjusted guy.  But without accepting Jesus Christ as his personal Savior he will suffer Gods Wrath.  At least at this point Todd rejects God’s rule or even existence.

First a little of who Todd Stiefel is from the interview on The Blaze.   Stiefel is a businessman-turned full-time atheist activist and is devoting his life to the dissemination of freethought and to the righting of what he sees as discriminatory wrongs against members of the atheist, agnostic and freethinking community.  Stiefel, is a 37 year old business man who has given at least $3.5 million toward atheist causes  through The Stiefel Freethought Foundation.  He considers himself to be Republican-leaning and serves on several advisory boards and also provides non-fiscal advice to atheist movement leaders.

When asked about his tactics and why they aren’t as biting as those adopted by scientist Richard Dawkins and Freedom From Religion Foundation Co-President Annie Laurie Gaylor, among others, Stiefel answered the question respectfully. “I think it is a different approach,” he said regarding his own handling of atheist issues. “I think all approaches are important. It’s useful to have a lot of different voices and a lot of people saying different things.”

So one of my questions as I read this article on The Blaze, was how did Todd reach this position in his life?  Here are some of the things he says: “I was very religious at various points…especially in high school. The final nail in the coffin when I stopped believing forever was a course at Duke University on Old Testament history,” he explained. “Nothing like learning the Bible and the history of the Bible to get a person to stop believing [in it].”

These comments are both revealing and bring back some personal memories.  How many of you have had a “religion” or “Bible course from a secular university?  The one that I had was given by a professor that I don’t believe was a Christian even.  He certainly had no understanding of the Bible from a Christian or even Jewish World view.  His premise for his class was that it was a good ancient book with a lot of interesting legends and stories in it.  This is in direct contradiction to what either the Old or New Testament claims.   It would be somewhat similar to a conservative, free market capitalist professor teaching the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, saying that Karl didn’t really mean what he wrote and interpreting everything in the book into free market and capitalist lessons.  How well do you know the Bible and the history of the Bible?  If Stiefel came to you with legitimate questions about the Old Testament could you give an educated answer?

 Stiefel expounded upon the fact that actually reading and studying the Bible caused him to inevitably reject it.

“Most atheists…we tend to be more religiously literate than believers. Part of the reason we are non-believers is we have read the Bible. Large portions of it,” he said later in the interview. “I think the Bible is a fascinating grouping of books. I think it has wonderful lessons in it…beautiful stories…[but] I think it does have a lot of things that are atrocious.”

Ultimately each human being needs answer the very questions that Stiefle raised.  Will we accept it as God’s word, divinely inspired and accurately relayed to us today?  Is it God’s plan for mankind or just “a fascinating grouping of books…wonderful lessons…beautiful stories” ….but a lot of things we just don’t accept or outright reject?

Stiefel continues; “I would love religion to become more moderate. It’s fine to me if someone wants to be a person of faith. That’s their business, their right, their choice,” he said. “I don’t even really care about persuading them away from their own faith. That’s not my job. But I do want them to question and be a bit skeptical about some of the aspects of their faith because you can get yourself in a lot of trouble if you take a book like the Koran or the Bible to be literally true.”

I would respond that you can get yourself in a lot of trouble if you don’t take the Bible to be literally true!  What is truth?  Are there absolutes?  If there are, and you can not argue that there are no absolutes, then where do these absolutes originate, who is the author and who decides what they are?

Stiefel also said; “The reason I got active is because I was witnessing intolerance and hatred [against atheists],” he said. “It was [the assumption] that we were immoral that was of concern to me and also seeing the damage that fundamentalist religion was having on the world. Including 9/11. Including abortion doctors being killed.”

Stiefel said that his other motivations were rooted in the fact that some religious people were attempting to legislate their believers “over more universal values.” It is this notion — that a group would push its personal religious beliefs on the overall population — that Stiefel found concerning.

I have not personally witnessed the “intolerance and hatred against atheists” but then I am not one.  My question is how should you treat an atheist or any other person you meet.  If we are going to share Christ’s love with them then certainly we need to follow Christ’s example.  Think of the woman at the well, the ‘evil’ tax collector Zacheus, and so many more from the New Testament.  We will win them to Christ by our love.  That is my main point in this article.  Trying to stop Mr Stiefel from having the freedom to say and do what he wants will not win him to Christ or secure freedom for Christians in the future.  It will only harm Todd Stiefel spiritually and endanger the freedom we so cherish in America.  If you are going to write to Todd Stiefel because of his support of Atheist organizations and events, tell him that God loves him and cares for him personally.

Have a great Sunday in the Lord!

Regular Joe

Training for the Race

Good Morning from the Bitterroot Joes and Janes;

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to get in better shape and lose weight.  (Funny how those two usually go hand in hand).  As part of this goal I decided to run in at least one 5K and one 10K race before the end of the year.  Setting long and short term goals is important to achieving desires you have.  I began training for a 5K run a week ago.

Now for some of you, I know this is an easy feat and may be old hat to you, but I hope you will read on as I make some spiritual applications to my experiences.

Sitting on the sidelines?

Having worked construction most of my life I have usually been in fairly good shape and kept my weight down.  But over the last 3 or 4 years my work has been less physical and my muscle mass has had an inverse direction to my body weight.  I set a goal to begin training in March and the week I had marked on the calendar was the week I came down to with a chest cold.  It hung on and off for about 6 weeks.  Every time I went outside in cold air I would start coughing.  I would think I was better then it would be back.  It would be easy to just give up on my goal of running a 5K; just change the goal to watching more TV or something easy. Read the rest of this entry

Happy Resurrection Day 2012

A Blessed Resurrection Day to All of You!

I believe the following 26 minute video by Hal Lindsey is the most concise answer to many of the questions that I hear about Easter, how it relates to the Jewish Passover and how Jesus fulfilled prophecy of the Old Testament and His statements regarding being in the Tomb for 3 days.  Jesus was not crucified on Friday as many people and churches teach and believe.  If fact if you read the Bible carefully you will find it does not say that.  I encourage you to spend 26 minutes today and increase your knowledge and understand better the symbolism of Easter and Passover.

Happy Easter from Regular Joe

The Tomb Is Empty!

The Tomb Is Empty!

Happy Easter 2012!  We Serve a Risen Savior!

Regular Joe

The Flickering Light of America

Good Sunday Morning to You;

I ran across the following article by James Robison this week.  I thought that it was a really great article that I would share with you.  To read it all click on the link at the end and it will take you to the rest of the article on The Blaze.

Whatever happened to the “shining city on a hill,” as President Reagan and other leadersonce used to describe America? The description, of course, originated with Jesus Christ. Yet our nation, once a shining flame of freedom, is well on its way to becoming a flickering ember of debt, despair, dissension, and defeat. It does not have to continue.

Who bears the greatest responsibility for this predicament? I believe Christians do—those believers who are called to be light and reveal “The Light” of the world in order to inspire the ongoing presence of a true shining city that cannot be hidden.

In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus made it clear that we as believers are both salt and light. Salt helps preserve that which is precious and important while enhancing the flavor. Likewise, the Christian witness should have a positive effect on every aspect of life and culture. Jesus said that if salt loses its effect, it is good for nothing but to be trampled under the feet of men. Sure enough, everything sacred is being trampled under the feet of those who consider God unimportant or non-existent. Faith, family, and freedom are being trampled by many who call themselves liberals, socialists, progressives, and activists.

The multitudes are stumbling in darkness because many who have been commanded to put the light in a prominent place—on a lampstand—have actually hidden and diminished their influence on the public by accepting religious coverings, false comfort, compromise, and complacency. Light reveals danger and pitfalls while illuminating the path to security and success. Is it any wonder we are in such trouble when salt and light fails to fulfill its divine assignment?

To read the rest of this article click here.

The new reality:

The pilgrims could build no shining city on a hill, at least until they got all the proper permits and licenses, which means they would have had to wait years and would not make it through the first winter.  Well maybe they could get government housing and food stamps!

The new reality

The new reality;

That’s it for today;
Regular Joe
P.S.  Watch out for April Fools Pranks!
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