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Pebbles In the Pond

Hello Joes and Janes;

Drops in a pond

Drops in a pond

Each of us affects the world, (pond) we live in. Sometimes events reach far and wide as with the shooter in Newtown last Friday. Creating huge waves, while others create small ripples with a quite hug of a small child. I would submit that our view of the pond is often altered by what the mainstream media chooses to show us and what they choose to keep out of the picture.

My encouragement to you is to make the jump into the pond each and every day. Whether through making a new friend, mentoring someone younger than you or sharing Jesus with someone… you can make ripples that reach out across the pond. Often we will never know what that small effort does to affect the life of the one who receives your gift. I think back over the years of people who affected my life in great ways through small efforts that they probably don’t realize.

Make the effort to make a splash today!

Regular Joe

ALERT! ALERT! Prepare for Tomorrow!

Good Morning Fellow Regular Joes;

This is one of my Regular Joe alerts for all of you men out  there.  I know you get wrapped up in work, fishing, hunting, working on vehicles and all those other things; but tomorrow is one of those important annual events you want to make sure you don’t forget.  Preparedness is the name of the game.  Don’t wake up tomorrow morning with a special someone looking you in the face and you caught with that deer in the headlights stare!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day.  If you are reading this then sometime in the past a woman took some time off to give  birth to you and most likely quite a bit more time to raise you and get you to where you are today.  Tomorrow would be an excellent time to let her know you appreciate all that she has done.   I am sure that she isn’t perfect…but then I suspect you aren’t either…I know there is that one mistake I made when I…..well, never mind…you know what I mean.

Besides your mother it’s not a bad idea to recognize the mother of your kids if you have any too.  Now I know that it can be easy to start accusing the card companies and big corporations of  a conspiracy plot to take over holiday’s and drain your wallet.  On Valentines Day I had quite a discussion with several conspiracy theorists while we examined the cards and checked out prices over comments like “I can remember when a card was only….”.   The more experienced, (old), the conspiracy theorist’s age the more common these comments are.  But I digress.

The point here is not how much you spend but what you do.  Just think back to what you remember about your mom or that special woman in your life.  I bet the first, second or even third thing that comes to mind is not about some expensive gift you got from them.  It is usually special times and events, and many of them don’t require money.

  • Do something that you haven’t done in a while.
  • Take a walk together
  • Sit and talk on a park bench
  • Buy a simple lunch for her and listen to all she has to say
  • Almost all women appreciate flowers…although a few these day’s appreciate ammo and the like more
  • In short think about what she likes and then do it. Read the rest of this entry

Chuck Colson Dies At Age 80 – Home To Be With the Lord

Fellow Joes and Janes;

Chuck Colson has died at the age of 80.  A little background; you might only remember him from the Watergate Brake In, but Charles Colson was a Paul of Tarsus of our day.  He was convicted of a felony with the Watergate Affair.  But he also changed his life.  He became know for working with prisoners after his release from prison

As the founder of  Prison Fellowship Ministries he reach and affected the lives of many for Christ.   He lead a quite and humble life out of the limelight but worked tirelessly for the Lord.  He will be missed.

Regular Joe

Part Two Award 2

By Regular Joe aka Vernon Weiss

I actually feel a little odd accepting awards, although I greatly appreciate the consideration and thank you very much to; For His Glory and Praise, for the nomination.  As I mentioned yesterday this is the second nomination that I have received this month.  For those Versatile Blogger Awardnot familiar with these awards they usually come from fellow bloggers and usually have a few requirements to fulfill.  In the case of the Versatile Blogger award it involves listing 7 things about yourself and 15 to 20 bloggers that you like.  Now some might consider that a burden but I find it to be a rewarding experience.

First I find I get to know the person who nominated me much better.  I have learned several exciting things about both of the bloggers who nominated me this month.  Secondly I take very seriously the nomination or recommendation of other bloggers so do a bit of research on each of them before passing them along to you, my readers.

It is a busy world these days and I don’t take your time lightly; if you choose to come visit my blog I desire to make it worth your time.   If there is one thing that gets me when I get a ping back, (a link to my blog from another site), it is when the other blogger just added a bunch of links without really reading what they were about.   I know, God works in mysterious ways, and I have certainly seen that since I started my blog, but I still find it aggravating at times.

So here are 7 things about myself; (none revealed in yesterday’s post)

  1. The only sport I really follow is NASCAR, which I have followed all my life.  In Junior High I worked weekends and summers at a local dirt track in Waterloo, Iowa.
  2. It doesn’t bother me in the least to be called a person clinging to my Bible and my guns, although it concerns me that the current President of the United States finds that so abhorrent.
  3. Jack of all trades and master of none hits pretty close to the mark although I consider myself to be a really good carpenter in the residential and commercial areas.
  4. I believe that through Christ you can accomplish anything you put your mind to as long as you rely on Christ for wisdom and strength and then give him the glory for it when you accomplish it.
  5. Beside Christ the most important person in my life is my life partner, my wife.  She completes me and balances me.
  6. My musical tastes vary widely from Rock in its various forms to country, to gospel and contemporary Christian music.  Probably my favorites are Mississippi Blues and Southern Rock.
  7. The older I get the more I realize that I can really mess things up when I am not walking with the Lord and the happier I am when I am walking in his footsteps.

Now you know a little more about ‘Regular Joe’, the man behind the curtain so to speak.

15 to 20 Bloggers I like:

These are in no particular order although the ones I follow the most are closer to the top of the list.

  1. Three Days to Anarchy
  2. Fraidy Cat Confessions
  3. Chief of the least
  4. Broken Believers
  5. Life of a Female Bible Warrior
  6. Roger Tharp
  7. Media 4 Life Ministries
  8. Justification by Grace
  9. Psalms Life
  10. Fellowship of the Minds
  11. His Creation
  12. Dorothy’s Space
  13. The Revival Generation
  14. Bummyla
  15. When is a Party Not a Party?
  16. The Waking Giant
  17. Of Dust and Kings
  18. Prepping 2 Prep
  20. Wild Cookery

Well that is my list of 20 blogs I follow.  I hope you find some interesting reading.  By the way these are all smaller WordPress Blogs, I also follow some large national / worldwide blogs but I figured they were outside of the realm of the award and get plenty of attention anyway.

Have a great Saturday out and about!

Regular Joe

A Major Award X 2!

By Regular Joe aka. Vernon Weiss

In the world of blogging there are a couple of things that keep me going.

  • One is that I truly feel that God wants me to be doing what I am doing and the Holy Spirit is leading me.
  • The second is the feedback that I get from people that follow my posts.  Some are positive sharing thoughts comments and feelings, some are asking real questions and some are just negative, people venting because their hearts are filled with hate and have not experienced the peace and joy the can come through a life in Christ.

Warning! Attention! Rabbit Trail Approaching.

a major award

a major award

When I hear of awards my mind goes to the movie The Christmas Story.  Maybe because I grew up in Iowa or that I wore a lot of the same clothes as ‘Ralphy’ when I was young, or I remember houses just like his that my friends lived in.  And of course, if you are familiar with the movie, you will remember the ‘Major Award’ that Ralph’s dad won for entering a crossword puzzle contest.  It came in a large box marked fragile which his dad horribly mispronounced as an Italian word.  The awards I have nothing to do with the movie but my mind wanders and I felt compelled to share my thoughts with you.

I now return you to my original thought.

In the last week or two I have received nominations from fellow bloggers for two awards for 5 G’s and a Cup of Joe.  I am truly honored by both of these.  To be honored in such a way tells me that other bloggers take what I am doing seriously, (except maybe my humor), and I highly value their input.  They have been living the life longer than I and I am sure understand the struggles that I go through. Read the rest of this entry

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