About the Blog Name

 This blog name comes from the term 5 G’s, a recently coined term to describe important items to acquire or hold onto in these perilous times, and a word play on the phrase “a cup of Joe”.

 5 G’s is a term that has come into recent usage.  Its exact origin is hard to find and the 5 items vary.

 Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular Rich Dad series of books, was on GBTV October 5, of 2011. He recommended the “5 Gs” just in case things deteriorate so badly that anarchy is the law of the land: Gold, Ground, Gasoline, Grub, and Guns. “Ground” meaning owning your home outright.

In a blog reply is found the following: “(1) God, (2) Grub (food), (3) Guns, (4) Gold (silver and gold) and lastly, (5) guts. The five G’s built a free and powerful nation, which became known as ourAmericaover two hundred and fifty (250) years ago. These same 5 G’s can now help you better prepare, preserve, and keep you free. Kind Regards to all; Boab”

Several other versions can be found on the internet.  My choices are as follows:

  1. God: Because he should be first and foremost in our lives and decisions
  2. Grub: I just like the sound better than Groceries that some lists use. (I admit it … I am sort of a Red Neck.)
  3. Guns: Without the ability to protect life, liberty and property you won’t have them for long, particularly in a breakdown of the social order.
  4. Ground: This speaks to owning a home and land.  This is not a luxury that everyone has and can also speak to whatever housing you have whether renting an apartment in large city or a house in the country.
  5. Gold:  While obviously gold is an asset that retains value this category also includes silver and other types of monetary systems such as barter.

I left out Robert Kiyosaki’s listing of gasoline as God is a much higher priority that he left out and gasoline is something that we can definitely live without, (although it is hard to imagine in this country and life would change drastically.  The majority of the world’s population did not buy one gallon of gasoline in the past 12 months.)

‘And A Cup of Joe’ is a word play.  A cup of Joe is a slang term for coffee with an unclear history.  The most documentable version being:

The most likely source is as a shortened form of ‘a cup of jamoke’ – which was a common reference to coffee, its being a compound of Java and Mocha. There are examples of the jamoke usage throughout popular culture including in the Preston Sturges movie Hail The Conquering Hero (1944).

For more see: http://www.snopes.com/language/eponyms/cupofjoe.asp

Other terms revolving around the use of ‘Joe’ include:

  • regular Joe, slang: an ordinary man; specifically : a blue-collar worker
  • Good Joe, slang; personification for a good-hearted, obliging person.
  • poor Joe, slang; an ordinary man either lacking in money or having fallen in misfortune
  • Holy Joe, slang for 1. Parson, pastor or clergyman. a very pious person.
  • Joe Blow’ slang for an ordinary person
  • Joe six-pack, slang for a blue collar worker and his drink preference
  • and most recently ‘Joe the plumber’, of the 2008 election who confronted president Obama regarding his redistribution of wealth talks while in Joe’s neighborhood.

 I pray this blog is a blessing to you.   Enjoy the journey and please feel free to contact me with your thoughts.

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