A Cup of Joe

There is something about coffee over an open fire that can't be duplicated at home

Whether it’s a weekday getting ready for work or a weekend at home or in the mountains, the day doesn’t seem right without that cup of coffee!   I can remember when coffee came two ways- black or with cream and sugar.  It came in a can already ground and there were several brands that each had one type of coffee. 

Now days the coffee section takes up half an isle at the grocery store, and the flavors and options rival my selection of fasteners at the hardware store.  On every other corner there is a coffee “barista” in a little shed with a drive-up window who knows more about coffee than I ever will.

Don’t get me wrong, I have done my share of sampling.  I enjoy trying new flavors and hopefully you will share some of your favorite kinds, storys and recipes with me. 

Still some of my favorite coffee memories are of black coffee perked in a blue enameled coffee pot over a camp fire.  There is something about the aroma of the pine and fir trees mixed with fresh mountain air and coffee brewing over the camp fire that just can’t be beat.

Regular Joe

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