I Have Returned

After a long absence from writing due to illness, work overload and various other trivial excuses I have returned to writing on my blog.  I hope to write at least several times a week and write much more on the 5 G’s of preparedness while still doing some devotional materials.  I hope that you will find my writing useful to you!

Regular Joe

About Regular Joe

I am just a 'Regular Joe', follower of my Savior Christ Jesus, loving the wife He gave me 40 years ago and sharing my experiences on God, salvation and preparedness both spiritual and physical.

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  1. Nice to see ye back Joe! Hope all is going as well for ye as can be in these trying times. All the best!

  2. All the best Joe… happy blogging for 2013!

  3. Thanks! These were all taken with my Sony CyberShot which I love since it’s so tiny and convenient! I pull out ehietr my Nikon D80 or D700 (DSLR) for photo shoots and more artistic photos. Let me know if you have any other questions about photography / cameras! I’d be happy to help!

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