Back in the Saddle Again

Good Morning Joes and Janes;

I am back after a couple of weeks of not posting.  My life became rather hectic, not that there were great trials, the topic of today’s devotional, just overly busy and not enough energy and time to accomplish the many tasks of the day.  Among the many blessings were the celebration of my 40th wedding anniversary which included a 4 day trip away from the Bitterroot Valley.  Now I hope to return to a daily devotional and other topical posts that cover the 5 G’s.  I hope that you will find them beneficial.

Pelicans just hangin’ out on the river near Virginia City Montana

Today some thoughts on the book of James:

James 1:2-3

2 Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds,

3 because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.

It can be easy to complain, whether about the heat, or  in a few months about the cold, or whatever is affecting us in our daily lives but God tells us through James that we should consider all of our trials pure joy!  Why would we want to be happy about our trials and suffering?  Because it is these very trials that tests our faith and ultimately strengthens it and develops our ability to persevere or overcome these obstacles.

Yesterday I signed up for a 4 mile run that occurs on August 26th in Missoula.  Am I ready to run 4 miles?  No, but the challenge of preparing and strengthening my muscles over the next couple of weeks will stretch me in ways that I know will help me to persevere when race day comes.   Our muscles, like our spiritual life, will either grow or shrink depending on how much we use them.  If we use trials in our life to expand our relationship with God, then we will grow in our faith.

  • Talking with God
  • Prayer
  • Relying on His strength, not ours
  • Staying in His Word
  • Following His commandments

These are the activities that prepare us for the race of life.

I pray that you go forth today seeking Him, relying on Him and counting the joy of your trials you may run into today; knowing that they will bring you into a closer relationship to Christ Jesus.

I am off to stretch my muscles.

Regular Joe

About Regular Joe

I am just a 'Regular Joe', follower of my Savior Christ Jesus, loving the wife He gave me 40 years ago and sharing my experiences on God, salvation and preparedness both spiritual and physical.

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