Professing to Be Wise, They Became Fools

Hi Joes and Janes;

Just a few thoughts on this Saturday.  If we were not in such dire financial straights as a Nation these two stories would be more humorous than they are.  Both came to my attention this week and involve money  that came out of your pocket assuming that you are paying taxes.  With over 16 Trillion in debt and 100 trillion in unfunded liabilities I just wonder if we could not have figured these things out on our own with out paying someone money to study it.

Item #1

Hold on to your seats, you won’t believe what you are reading, but…..Mermaids are not real!  NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration after years of research has determined that there is no evidence that aquatic humanoids exist.

NOAA Says Mermaids are not real

Update on July 9th 2012; Please note the comments and links by Keith regarding this story.  I was in error as to the length of study and actually the reason that NOAA put out this news release.  My thanks to Keith who reads regularly, and though we disagree on some major areas of life we always have civil dialogues and stimulating discussions.   That is where learning and change of opinion and thought occur.

Item #2

Again, sit down, you are not going to believe this next research tidbit!   Most fireworks injuries happen in a 30 day window around the 4th of July!  Among the facts that they discovered after a costly study are these:

65 % of all fireworks related injuries happened during a period starting 15 days before the Fourth of July and ending 15 days after the Fourth.

Hmmm… I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that most fireworks are used during that period?  I am guessing that a significant number of the rest occur around New Years….. but then that is just me.

Of the fireworks-related injuries sustained, 68 percent were to males, and 32 percent were to females.

Males are more likely to use fireworks than females…. sounds very sexist to me…but fits with my experiences since I was a young child and no one paid me for my opinion.

The parts of the body most often injured were hands and fingers (an estimated 46 percent); eyes (an estimated 17 percent); head, face, and ears (an estimated 17 percent); and legs (an estimated 11 percent).

Apparently there is a relationship between hands and fingers being used to light fireworks and the injury rate….who would have guessed that one!  Head face ears and legs were next in injury… I wonder if  it has anything to do with them being less likely to be clothed?  Perhaps full body and head armor should be required.  Maybe a safety officer assigned to each individual using fireworks.

Burns were the most common injury to all parts of the body,

Boy! who would have thunk that one!

This report goes on in detail for 50 boring pages.  I will not bore you.  But here are a few of my own ‘research data for absolutely free;

  1. If all fireworks are outlawed then the only injuries that occur will be from illegal fireworks.
  2. The majority of deaths that occur from hanging also include rope burns to the neck
  3. Injuries from gun accidents include puncture wounds from bullets 98% of the time.  (once in a while you only get grazed)
  4. People who propel themselves at speeds over 10 miles per hour in vehicles are more prone to injuries than those who walk everywhere and
  5. the injuries of people riding in or on vehicles are more severe than those of people who are walking.
Hopefully the CPSC will read this blog post, realize it’s importance to the scientific community and the public and send me a couple of million OBAMA bucks to help defray my costs of conducting all of the scientific data collection to come up with these masterful findings.  In the mean time I will continue planning my regular jobs for next week.
If you would like to read a boring report today you can find it at the link below

CPSC is charged with protecting the public from unreasonable risks of injury or death associated with the use of the thousands of consumer products under the agency’s jurisdiction. Deaths, injuries, and property damage from consumer product incidents cost the nation more than $900 billion annually. CPSC is committed to protecting consumers and families from products that pose a fire, electrical, chemical, or mechanical hazard. CPSC’s work to ensure the safety of consumer products – such as toys, cribs, power tools, cigarette lighters, and household chemicals – contributed to a decline in the rate of deaths and injuries associated with consumer products over the past 30 years.

U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission

In summation the previous articles reminded me of a Bible verse that I thought I would share

Romans 1:22-23

22 Professing to be wise, they became fools,

23 and changed the glory of the incorruptible God into an image made like corruptible man–and birds and four-footed animals and creeping things.

And one final thought before I leave….I wonder if I am more likely to injure myself while using power tools in the week ahead than if I stay home and sit at the computer?  I wonder which one will pay the bills?  I wonder if power tools should be banned?  I wonder if Obama will send me some more of  ‘his stash’ so I can stay home and be safe.

Have a great Saturday!

Regular Joe

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I am just a 'Regular Joe', follower of my Savior Christ Jesus, loving the wife He gave me 40 years ago and sharing my experiences on God, salvation and preparedness both spiritual and physical.

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  1. I’m afraid you’ve completely missed the basic facts of the Mermaid story. NOAA has not, in fact, spent “years of research” into the existence of mermaids.

    Here’s the real story*:

    An idiotic pseudo-documentary program on the Discovery Channel insinuated that the body of a mermaid had been discovered. Inevitably, some gullible fools fell for this, and started sending NOAA requests about mermaids. NOAA responded, saying that no evidence for mermaids had ever been documented.

    Please check your facts more carefully!


    * See


  2. Joe – thanks for updating your post.

    (And if you ever spot an error on my own blog, I’ll be happy to correct it!)

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