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Warning – Warning – Alert – Alert

This is an alert for all of you Regular Joes;

I got a little negative feed back on Valentines day because I did not give an early warning of the event.  While there is little pressure from the ladies on us Regular Joes for April Fools Day, I felt it only proper to put out a warning anyway.  In fact if that little lady is still upset about your lack of plans for Valentines Day, you could be especially at risk.  Consider yourself warned!

Any or all of the following warning signs may apply to your life tomorrow; April 1, 2012.  April Fools Day!

Warning Warning Warning

Warning Warning Warning

While much less likely to occur tomorrow don’t forget to have your Zombie Survival kit handy at all times.  Always be prepared!  The following sign along with many others is available at Horror

Zombie Outbreak Zone

Zombie Outbreak Zone

Keep Yer Head Low Tomorrow!

Your Buddy – Regular Joe

Saturday Cartoons for March 31

Good Morning Joes and Janes

It’s Saturday Morning!  Grab a cup of Joe and a donut and watch a cartoon with me this morning!   Oh, and by the way, just a heads up…. don’t believe anything you hear tomorrow morning when you wake up…. It will be April 1st!  April Fools Day!  For all of you Joker Joes  don’t forget to plan something great for those that you hold dear!

Understanding the Financial Crisis

And of course a toon for the kids or grand kids if they are hanging around this morning.  Ready Set Prepare talks about the need for a Go Go Bag for each person in the house.

Do you have your Go Go Bags ready to Go?

Bug Out Bag - currently

Bug Out Bag - currently (Photo credit: Steven Vance)

Watch for Regular Joe’s upcoming free course 1 Year to Preparedness.  Once a week you will get a free lesson plan that you can do with your family to help you be more prepared.  Simple, hands on skills and actions you can take and implement in your home.

Until later;

Regular Joe

You Should Probably Get Used to Green Solutions to Travel

A Friday Bonus of Humor for Regular Joes and Janes;

Regular Joe’s Version of Mother Goose Rhymes

With all of the new regulations on every kind of energy from coal to gas I thought I would share some preparedness ideas on Green travel.   A lot of the world lives this way everyday.

Have a Great Day!

Regular Joe

Here Is My Solution Lord

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I am not!!

I am a blogger and I resent that comment!  I am almost 59, live with my wife, (although I must admit my mom does live next door), and besides:

I GOT OUT OF MY BATHROBE BEFORE 10:30 A.M. TODAY!  (it took a while for the coffee to kick in)

Regular Joe 

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