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Radio Free Jesus

Good Morning Joes and Janes

Do you have your favorite radio station you listen to all of the time?  Think of a time that you have went on a road trip.  You get in your car, settle into some great tunes and head out on the highway….and then pretty soon you start getting a little fuzz but you keep going, (because you do have somewhere your headed after all or it wouldn’t be a road trip right?). Anyway, you keep going and the static gets a little worse, but you put up with it because it’s your favorite station.  But finally a little while down the road the static gets bad enough, that you’re not really enjoying it anymore so you just turn look for another channel.  (If you’re a younger Joe or Jane you may just have XM or some other satellite radio and not relate; but humor me and imagine.)  In Montana and many western states you may lose all radio stations at times, imagine that! Read the rest of this entry

I Think – Therefore I Am, I Think

Good Morning Regular Joes and Janes;

You can't believe everything you see!

This is the beginning of the 8th week of my blog.  As my blog has developed, I have been making continued updates.  Over the past weekend I updated one of my sub-pages under About Me.  The page is ‘What I Believe’.  Originally I did a quick cut and paste of a church doctrinal statement.  While I believed everything in it I feel that it may be a little confusing to someone who is not a Christian.  Also there are a wide variety of differences in what Christians believe.  This blog does not have any restrictions on who can participate and I wanted to clarify some points in this regard.  I decided to write a new sub-page, ‘What I believe’ and it is the subject of today’s devotional.  After today you will be able to find it under About Me.  Please feel free to contact me regarding questions you might have.

What I believe

I believe in an open dialogue and conversation with, and between the whole human race. This dialogue can happen between anyone who chooses to communicate.  It doesn’t matter what nationality, what color your skin is, what religion you belong to, what sex you are or any of the many other differences that divide us as human beings. This blog is my attempt to have that relationship with anyone choosing to come and participate. Read the rest of this entry

Fraidy Cat Confessions of a Fellow Blogger

Hi there all of you Regular Joes and Regular Janes;

Is Life Out To Get You?

In a rare Saturday post on 5 G’s and a Cup of Joe, I just had a few thoughts to share.  Originally I thought my blog was aimed at 40 plus men that were in interested in the 5 G’s, God, Gold, Guns, Grub and Ground from just a regular guy perspective.  I have found since I started the blog that I have a much wider audience.  For lack of a more thoughtful moniker there is quite a following of Regular Janes as well and people of all age groups and backgrounds.

Fraidy Cat Confessions is a post from a Regular Jane follower that I really appreciated this morning and wanted to share with you.  Have a great weekend and I will see you (figuratively) on Monday.

Go out and be a light to your corner of the world!

Regular Joe

This is a great post that goes deeper and gives balance to my post yesterday, “Luck Has Nothing to Do With It”

A Thankful Heart !

“Fear not for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, yes I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” (Isaiah 41:10)
COMMENT: Can you count the number of times in God’s Word where He warns us against fearing things? I believe God is hammering home this theme for our protection. Fear is contaminated faith and uses the same spiritual principle. What was it that Job said about his deplorable situation?: “For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me. (Job 3:25) Just as faith comes by hearing the Word of God, fear comes by hearing the word of the devil. Whenever the enemy of our soul comes at us with a proposition of fear, immediately replace it with a promise of God.*** I like the Amplified Bible‘s translation of the subject: “For God did not give us a…

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Slow Down You Move Too Fast

Good Morning Again!

It is the last Friday of January already!  I want to throw out an anchor and stop the clock.  My direction on devotionals has changed from the first part of the week.  It seems that God has other things for me to write than what I had planned.  Several different ways in which he was talking to me had to do with waiting. 

Waiting is not something praised or practiced in the world very much.  We have become a world of the NOW.  If you question that here are a couple of sayings that 40 or 50 years ago were common wisdom;

  • Wait until marriage
  • Saving for a car


Now we “try out a relationship to see if it will work” and buy cars and everything else on payment plans with zero down financing.  We want and get it NOW. 

Somewhere along the way we bought in to a new philosophy expressed here by Ayn Rand:      “Ask yourself whether the dream of heaven and greatness should be waiting for us in our graves – or whether it should be ours here and now and on this earth.”

Starting with a false premise; that God doesn’t want us to be happy or great here on earth she then proposes that we should claim it here and now on earth.  Ms. Rand was very antagonistic to Christianity and God and as far as I know went to the grave without the hope of eternal salvation.  If so she received exactly what she wanted, all of her rewards here on earth.

In the change from a rural to an urban society and with the coming of the consumption society we also accepted the lies that we could have it all and have it all right now.  We believed that we could run our lives better than God.  Or in some cases that we could read and use the Bible like a smorgasbord:

“Let’s see, I take a little of that and yes I like the way that sounds.   Ohhh, I don’t like that, I couldn’t be happy living that way.  Oh, I like this part…..and so on, filling up our plate just the way we wanted. Read the rest of this entry

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